Marine Design Engineer - Naval Architect
NC Department of Transportation
Manns Harbor, NC

$86,000 - $110,000 a year

Are you an experienced Naval Architect or Marine Design Engineer looking to lead?

The Challenge We are looking for a key strategic marine engineer/architect to join us in leading one of the largest ferry services in North America. If you have expertise leading ferry vessel design, planning, construction, maintenance and repair for the construction of work boats, passenger vessels, and vehicle ferry vessels you are the person we are looking for. You'll be a leader on a high performing team responsible for modifying and repairing of our ferry fleet and support vessels. In this role you will oversee our in-house design all maintenance and repair of the Ferry Division's fleet to comply with all Coast Guard requirements. You will lead the planning and design of our most complex marine projects including:

Researching operational and design requirements for new vessels and modifications to existing vessels.
Designing and developing hull lines.
Calculating the hydrostatic and stability properties of hulls and preparing data to be drafted into curves and graphs to meet architectural, engineering and regulatory standards.
Calculating, designing, reviewing and approving the general layout, structural design, propulsion, piping, fire control and electrical systems to comply with standards and regulations.
Reviewing, approving, and rejecting technical data, plans and working drawings prepared by others.
Evaluating and reviewing subcontractors and design equipment and machinery for onboard and shore installations.
Researching equipment and maintenance problems.
Recommending ferry maintenance schedules and maintenance levels.
Making strategic budget and staffing recommendations.
Recommending contractors to supplement staff when design or testing services must be bid.
What You Bring

Experience with mechanical systems and their design, as well as structural steel design and repair.
Skills in interpreting and applying professional naval/marine engineering techniques to regulatory standards (e.g., USCG, ABS or other marine construction standards).
Through knowledge and understanding of engineering concepts, practices, and theories used in naval/marine engineering and shipbuilding and to use it in practice.
Ability to effectively manage broad and complex programs and projects with completeness, compatibility, and in compliance with marine engineering principles and design standards
Skilled ability to manage, address, resolve, and approve major project and program changes.
Ability to develop strategies that improve program delivery, service levels, team and personnel performance, and budgetary and operational efficiencies.
Able to direct program management and staffing.
Through knowledge of marine engineering, naval architecture and electrical systems.
Working knowledge of metallurgy, protective coatings, and welding procedures.
Writing skills that produce clear, descriptive contract documents.
Ability to communicate and negotiate with contractors in controversial situations.
Talent in developing projects and directing and evaluating the work of others.
The physical ability to perform vehicle inspections requiring climbing ladders and crawling through close spaces.
Education & Experience

Bachelor's degree in the Marine or Naval Engineering and 4 years of relevant experience, or
An equivalent combination of education and experience.
Note: Position may require registration as a professional engineer by the North Carolina Board of examiners for engineers and surveyors.

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