Assistant Port Engineer
McAllister Towing & Transportation

About $55,000 - $72,000 a year

Description/Job Summary

The Assistant Port Engineer is a skilled Engineer and is responsible for fleet support in the operational readiness, maintenance, and regulatory compliance in a specific region Accurate and timely data entry, filing, and retrieval of all accounts payable documents.

Assist Port Engineer to ensure all vessel engineers are properly trained, qualified, and complies with a regulatory training and/or certification requirements.

Assist Port Engineer with the timely and cost effective maintenance, repair, modifications, and refurbishment projects of existing fleet.

Assist Port Engineer with monitoring the contractor and/or shipyard during maintenance and repair projects.

Conducts on-site surveys of vessels and equipments to determine maintenance and repair needs.

Analyzes problems and interfaces with appropriate operations personnel.

Other duties as assigned.


The Assistant Port Engineer is responsible and accountable to the General Manager.
Preferred Experience

Two years as an engineer on tugboats and mechanical experience working on Detroit Diesel 71 Series Engines, EMD Engines. Fairbanks Morse engines, Caterpillar, electrical systems.
Required Education

HS Degree or equivalent Bachelor's Degree in Engineering or related field preferred. Maritime Academy graduate preferred.
Preferred Education

See above
Required Qualifications

USCG Engineer License

Physical Requirements:
Ability to work in a sedentary office environment operating computers, telephones, radios and standard office equipment.

Capable of climbing ladders and safely embarking / disembarking moored vessels.

Adequate vision (i.e., absent any color blindness or impairment that cannot be corrected with prescription lenses).

Adequate hearing.

Capable of walking and standing on wet surfaces for extended periods of time.

Able to handle heavy lines and operate heavy machinery.

Ability to hoist oneself up and over a 12-inch wide, 6 foot high barrier.

Sufficient strength to:
o Lift 100 lbs. from deck to waist level;

o Lift 50 lbs. from deck to shoulder level;

o Lift 35 lbs. from deck to overhead; and

o Pull (drag) 120 lbs. at least 20 feet.